Is there much more to say??? You're probably thinking "errrr... yes" and you'd be correct. I've not gone crazy I promise but today is National Bubble Bath Day! It's like christmas has come all over again. There is nothing I love more than having a hot steamy bubble bath surrounded by candles, calming music filling... Continue Reading →


Social Media SUCKS… the life out of us.

Living in the day and age we do, more of us than not will have some sort of social media.  In fact reading this now means you're online, and thats great! But how much time are we spending with our eyes glued to a screen? Think back to when you woke up this morning, what... Continue Reading →

Lavender & Camomile Latte Recipe

  Whenever I am struggling to sleep or feeling stressed I always turn to my FAVOURITE recipe and make my famous Lavender & Chamomile Latte.  It's so nice to sit back and feel the stress slip away as you fall asleep.  Even better its so easy to make and only takes 10 minutes.  For an... Continue Reading →

We’ve forgotten to RELAX!

It's true! As a country, as a generation and as a species we have forgotten how to relax and it's SOOO important! We've all been told at some point or another that we're "running around like headless chickens" or we're "burning the candle at both ends" but yet we fail to do anything about it,... Continue Reading →

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