Lavender & Camomile Latte Recipe


Whenever I am struggling to sleep or feeling stressed I always turn to my FAVOURITE recipe and make my famous Lavender & Chamomile Latte.  It’s so nice to sit back and feel the stress slip away as you fall asleep.  Even better its so easy to make and only takes 10 minutes.  For an extra kick why not try adding a dash of whiskey!

Makes 2 cups:

-2 cups of milk
-1tbsp loose leaf camomile OR 2 chamomile tea bags
-2tsp honey
-halftsp fresh lavender

-1tsp vanilla extract

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-Warm the milk in a sauce pan on a medium to high heat, but not letting it boil
-Once the milk is piping hot turn it down to a low heat and add the rest of the ingredients
-Let sit for 5 minutes
-Strain, serve and ENJOY!



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