Welcome to my blog!

Hello, my name is Bronte and I am going to tell you a little bit about me, how exciting for you!  I am 23 years old and live in the city of Salisbury (yes, that Salisbury… the one in the news) I have lived here my whole life but did move away for a year or so to travel!   I have one sister, Faye, she is 15 years old so is much younger than me.  I would have thought with an 8 year age gap she wouldn’t be after my clothes but that couldn’t be more wrong!  Regardless of that she is one in a million and I don’t think I’d swap her.  I  live at home with my mum and stepdad, they have been brilliant in supporting me in starting something new!

I have a love for traveling and seeing as much of the world as I can, there is something so magical about exploring new cultures and experiencing  how other people live.  I have visited many places but when looking at the map I realise I have only made the smallest dent.  I have a list of countries I want to visit but at the very top of that list is the Philippines, I can’t wait to go there! The thing I love most about traveling is the food… I am such a foodie and am luckily enough to have a fellow foodie to travel with!

I have been a nanny for the past 3 years working with some amazing people and thoroughly loved what I did.  The relationships I formed with some of the children are ones I will cherish forever.  I don’t think that nannying is behind me but I am cutting down the hours to take a new path.

I have recently trained to become a massage therapist it is a completely new venture for me and something I am very keen to start up.  I have always had an interest in the spa industry,  from giving massages when I was little to celebrating every birthday in some luxury spa.  I guess that comes with being a girly girl and the fact I love being pampered especially when there is a glass of Champagne to follow!  So when my last job came to an end I was excited to jump into something new.  I didn’t realise how much was linked to massage and the further I go down this path the more I learn, in my first month I have already realised how little we take care of ourselves as a country and how it is effecting more than just our bodies.

This is just the start!



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